Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Long time no see

We are proud to announce, that ScientificPlotter is facing a huge and continuous download statistics in the Android Market. And we are pushing ScientificPlotter even further:

There are several things going on right now. First we are currently working on a new website for ScientificPlotter, to give you an even better startup with our app. Second, there is a big update rolling out shortly with some new improvements, making ScientificPlotter even more functional and indispensable. 
I can give you a short sneak peak about the new highlights: 
  • Arbitrary derivation
  • Roots & extrema
  • User defined functions and constance
  • First steps in writing little scripts by using the unique id of a history item in your input
  • ... 
And we are still not finished. There have been big reply and feedback and we are still implementing some of the best suggestions from the community.

 ScientificPlotter will be facing after the final release a revamp in the UI, give us your thoughts about it, what do you wish the UI should look and feel!

Endian Ogino