Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

ScientificPlotter - A new experience of science in your pocket

You are an enthusiastic natural scientist, have fun in the world of mathematics or just need a good and enhanced calculator? Then we have the right app for you.
We are proud to present you and the world “ScientficPlotter – A new experience of science in your pocket”.

But what is ScientficPlotter and what can you do with it?
ScientficPlotter is a mobile application which was developed by a small group of physicist and a biotechnologist and tries to fulfill its purpose in the daily life of natural scientists. It was born from the need to have a handy possibility of displaying a mathematic formula. As the project advanced it soon became clear that ScientficPlotter turned into more than a simple plotter. 

We are proudly looking forward to the 01.11.2010, the release date of ScientificPlotter.
For those who are impatient we would like to release the present feature list, ScientificPlotter will be release in a beta state so if you are missing something don't hesitate and post it, it has great chance to be in the final version.

Features of ScientificPlotter
• calculator both standard and scientific mode
• all in real and imaginary space
• plot functions either Cartesian, polar or parametric
• free parameter with arbitrary usage
• two input modes regular/calculator
• native keyboard & automatic suggestions in regular input mode
• linear or logarithmic scale
• two y-axis
• calculate the Taylor-series of a function
• draw derivatives
• estimate the value of the function at a spot by just moving your finger over it
• change nearly every attribute of a plot
• and many more…

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