Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

In my humble opinion about Android

It's time to spread out my opinions on Android. 

First a brief history how Android and I met: It was in summer 2009, earlier I was trying to buy me a second hand HTC Kaiser (aka TyTN II), for about 200€, man I was lucky to not getting it. Afterwards some months passed by, the G1 was already out; I started to read a little about Android but with a big awareness from whom it’s made. Anyway thinks starting to get interesting and again I was looking for a new mobile phone this time the G2 (aka MyTouch/Magic). After some issues regarding the seller and a time delay of about 4 weeks it was in my hand. I was impressed but also a little bit worried because I knew from now on there is now return, more dependency will grow. And so it comes, now I become a developer got my new Motorola Droid and a mobile internet contract, which I couldn’t image some time ago.
But what about Android, well my first thought is: it is not for a newbie, seriously (I give my old G2 to my uncle and tried to explain everythink). Why do I think so, because it’s not fun to only use it as the manufacturer or the mobile network operator wants to. First let me tell you that I’m totally disappointed from the maintainer of Android, because behind Android there is a big alliance but it seems every bit of decision only goes through one big company, no one (expect maybe one) wants this kind of oligarchy. Sure and here it comes Android is open; wrong, it is open-source nothing more, it’s like every other software you buy and wait till something you are waiting for will be implement. Seriously, don’t you think that the new media stream capability in the last 2.2 version is predestinated for the new Google TV campaign, surprise and what about the main issues posted from users on Google Code? 

Lately I heard a talk from Justin Mattson ‘Learn howto target all Android devices‘, he is a developer advocate in the Android team, so the talk was basically very good and helpful, but sometimes he dropped some vague statements about the platform he is representing, I had the idea he don’t know some key features everybody is talking of, it was obfuscating. I mean if you are a representative and all you do is talking about on special system, you should know this system, not by heart surely but through repetition. It gives me totally the sign that this man is going to change the system according his own needs and behind him a big bunch of CEO’s making a list what he should need.
Well to wrap things up, the euphoria is over and Android hit the sobering ground. I hope all the other bloggers and fanatic Android groups are lifting their perspective and illuminate thinks from another angle.

Don’t get me wrong, I like system and btw. Cyanogen et. all doing a great job ;)

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