Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Interview with Robert K.

As mentioned earlier, we have started a new survey about ScientificPlotter. Today we're interviewing Robert K., maker of the Android app Sticky Note Cork&Orc. They have a cool concept that allows you to save your notes easy and well-arranged. A demo of his app can be found on Youtube.

In an interesting conversation with Robert, he was so kind to give us a short interview, let's get into it:

-How do you heard about ScientificPlotter?
*Through the AndroidPIT-Forum

-How often do you use ScientificPlotter?
*As often as I require it, mostly several times per day

-Which kind of input you prefer?
*The calculator buttons.

-How do you like the interaction model in the plot window?
*I had no problems with it so far.

-What feature are you missing?
*At moment I'm pleased with the current set of features. I'm looking forward to any new update though.

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