Montag, 1. November 2010

ScientificPlotter - a user guide

It's release day! Earlier this day we release ScientificPlotter on the Android market and we gathered our first downloads. Since ScientificPlotter is release in the beta state, there are still a lot of work to be done, and hopefully with your support.

Now we would like to start with a series of posts about how to work with ScientificPlotter and how to get the most and best for you interest. But at first let us cover how to interact with the plot window:

The plot window overall consists of three axis (one x axis and two y axis), a label and a legend which are independent configurable. We implemented several touch gestures you can use to interact either with the window or with a single axis (except the long press gesture). The gestures and their functions are listed below: 
  • Touche Move
  • When a finger is placed on the screen and then moved, you drag the plot resp the axis in this particular direction
  •   Long Press
Holding your finger for several seconds on the area around the legend you can hide resp. show the legend

  •  Single Tab
By single tabbing on the plot or an axis you zoom out all axis or only the desired one

  •  Double Tab
By single tabbing on the plot or an axis you zoom in all axis or only the desired one
  •  Pinch Zoom
Pinch zooming gives you a more comfortable way of zooming in or out the plot or a single axis
  • DPad resp Trackball 
Last but not least, we make use of the dpad resp. trackball if available.  Those you can use to move the plot very precisely, by moving in the relative direction

 As you can see we tried to give you the full accessibility to our plot, so you can decide what you see and how you want to see it.
 We gratefully acknowledge the acceptance of gestureworks for using their gesture images.

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